Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grayson's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday was Grayson's 4th birthday party. He decided that he wanted to have his party at his house so his friends could come over and play with his toys. Let me tell you that they really did play with his toys all day. You should see the toy room! I can't wait to see the floor again!

The party was a success. We started at 2 and we had people here up until almost 8pm. My poor little house was a mess when it was all over. Looking at the smile on Grayson's face made it all worth while.

Grayson's Speed Racer Cake: He put his cars on it.
Don't worry we washed them first.
Chris lighting the candles.

Opening his Speed Racer Lego's. It took Chris hours to
put them together. And yes, he read the directions!

Charles talking to Chris and his brother, Ron, about the
X-box 360's that he bought them for their birthdays.

Ron, Heather, Amanda, and Lona
Note the Speed Racer poster that Chris customized
for Grayson's party.
It's amazing how exhausting birthday parties can be. The planning, the cleaning, the cleaning again, the sugar high kids! It's hard to believe that I have to start planning Jason's party already. His birthday isn't until May but he wants a bowling party again. It's crazy that you have to book a party this far in advance. But at least I won't have to clean the toy room after that party!


DailySAHM said...

Did you make the cake?

The ColeFamily said...

Actually I didnt make the cake but I wish I had. I could have made it for a lot less than I paid for it.