Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Making of a Jack-O-Lantern

This year the boys each got to pick out their own pumpkin for carving. Jason picked out a 35lb pumpkin and Grayson's came in at 33lbs.

Jason's pumpkin.

Pulling the top off.


They had a lot of fun but refused to touch the inside of the pumpkin. Chris carved Grayson's pumpkin the next day but didnt take pictures. The only picture we have of his pumpkin is in the background of some trick-or-treat photos.

Here's the best one I can zoom in on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

End of a Season... season that is.

Jason's last soccer game was last Sun. They ended the season with zero wins but they had fun and that's what matters more.

Jason progressively got better as the season went on. As they lost game after game a few of the kids decided to stop showing up. By the end of the season they were down to 8 players total, which meant that every player had to play the whole game. The last game Jason was the goalie for the first half of the game. He did well but a few goals got past him anyway.

After the last game they got a trophy to commemorate the season. Jason was so proud of his trophy that we had to put it on top of the desk so he can see it everyday.

Jason with Coach Pete. He called Jason the Little Engine that Could because Jason never gave up. He knew very little about soccer when he started but he practiced hard and tried his best and he did it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its been a long time!

Ok, so I am finally taking the time to post something. So much has been happening so fast that its been nearly impossible to spend enough time on the computer to get anything up here.

I will start with the most recent and go back a little.

Halloween was last week and the kids had fun dressing up and going trick or treating! We walked around the neighborhood, which is always nice as we don't get much of a chance to meet new neighbors or interact with old ones.

Here are some pics. Grayson was Spiderman and Jason was Iron Man.

They had a lot of fun and got way too much candy!

Hopefully I will have another post up soon!!