Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soccer update

Jason still loves playing soccer. He is still learning the rules and learning how to play the different postions. Younger kids just want to kick the ball around and get goals. They don't understand that when they play defense they are not supposed to cross center field and they are supposed to keep the ball from going into their goal. He is learning a lot each day. To help him out at home I bought him a little goal and his own soccer ball. He picked out a red, white and silver ball because his team color is silver. Grayson got his own ball too. His is just white and black and a little softer than Jason's ball.

Here is Jason practicing with my dad when he was home to visit a few weeks ago.

Grayson playing with his ball. He loves to play soccer too and should be quite good by the time he is old enough!

Jason in his uniform.
His team is called the
Silver Robots. The kids
each picked a name and the
coach put them into a hat.
That's the name that won.
Jason wanted the team
to be the Silver Sonic.
There was a parent
who let their kid put in
for the Silver Bullets.
I felt bad for letting Jason
name the team after a
video game character.

Unfortunately, the Silver Robots lost their first game. There is no official score kept but they didnt score a single goal and the other team scored 5. So, unofficially, they lost 0-5. I've always said that as long as he was still having fun then it is worth it. It was fun to listen to Grayson say "Go, Silver Robots!" and "Come on Jason get the ball." I think he enjoyed watching the game as much as Jason enjoyed playing it. Jason's best friend Daric and his family also came to watch the game.
Pic of the first game. Jason is #17.

Being the kind of person he is, Chris signed us up to bring snack for the first game. He likes to get things done and out of the way, where as I would have wanted to see what the other parents were going to bring before I brought something. But I let Jason pick out the snack. He wanted juice boxes and cheese crackers. The kids seemed to like them. I am not really sure why parents bring snack anyway. The games are only an hour and I personally can bring an after game snack for my own child. I guess its just a way for parents to feel more involved and at least we are done with our snack contribution for the season. Hopefully they will win the next one. I think some of the kids were a little discouraged after the game.

Picture of Daddy and Grayson watching the game.

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Looks like soccer is going well.