Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jason is like a fish!

I took Jason to swimming lessons today and was able to escape without taking Grayson! Yay! Do you think I was able to remember my camera on a day that I could have taken pictures without chasing after a 3 year old? Of course not!

Jason did a wonderful job today too. They had the kids swim the length of the pool with just their backpack floaties (they call them cubes). They didn't use the pool noodles this time, plus they still had to throw their little "swim buddies" when they got to them. I was quite impressed. Jason did a wonderful job and is quite fast at it too.

On Thursday they had the kids practice water safety while wearing those orange boating life jackets. I don't think that Jason like how close to his neck it was but it was a great lesson. We go out on a friends boat every so often, so it is nice to know that he will know what to do if he falls in.

Hopefully tomorrow Chris will be able to join us at the pool after his dentist appt to watch Jason swim. I really want him to see how well Jason is doing.

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Chrissie said...

Great that Jason is doing so great. Swimming is important to know as well as fun.