Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hershey Park

Monday we took the boys to Hershey Park. My company had a picnic there and just like last year the food left a lot to be desired but it was basically free so no complaining. It was hot and sticky but we all had lots of fun. They have a huge water park that the kids played in and they rode tons of rides. Some of the lines were kinda long but most of the stuff the boys wanted to go on wasn't too terrible.

Grayson wanted to spend all day on this train!

Little Engineers

Grayson was able to operate the helicopter on his own this year!

Sharing the rocket ship!

Grayson found a little girlfriend.

We found her again at the dinosaur ride. She was quite taken by him
Daddy having fun with the boys in the water park area. Unfortunately because my shorts had a metal zipper I was not allowed to go in the water. I think its because they use salt water and it would cause rust. At least I was able to take pictures.

Again, daddy having fun on the water slide with Grayson.
Jason in his safety vest at the water park.
Jason waited all day for this photo. Hershey park measures kids and assigns them a candy based on their height. Jason was a Reese, so he was looking forward to finding the Reese character all day. We finally found him as the park was closing!

We did have a great day and I got a great workout for the day. Jason made me carry a huge intertube up a very long flight of stairs six times to go down the big gren water slide.

We are hoping that next year Jason is a Hershey bar (in height) and then he will be able to most of the bigger rides too! We opened and closed the park for the day and we still only got through about half of the park. Oh well, I guess we will have to go back again this summer!


Chrissie said...

The park looks like so much fun. Where is it located exactly?

Joyful said...

I didn't know that daddy was able to go as well! The Boys look like they are having so much fun!! I completely understand the "train riding" - Grayson looks so happy on the train! So cute that Jason wanted to meet Reese! Wow, Grayson is going for the older gals; he is such a cutie and charmer when he feels like it.... His friend looks like one of Brenda's girls! You will have to fill me in with more "fun you had, next time we get together! Later. Joy